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Coffee Brewing Methods

For most of us, brewing up our morning cup of coffee is more than just a necessity, it is a matter of convenience. Each night, millions of us coffee lovers pile heaping tablespoons of our favorite gourmet coffees into those paper filters, fill the tank of our coffee makers with water and set the timer so that our coffee is ready and waiting first thing in the morning.

But why would anyone spend good money on the finest gourmet coffee beans or fresh ground gourmet coffees and use just any home coffee maker.

If you are like me and enjoy the finest gourmet and specialty coffees around, then you know that they deserve the best and most reliable coffee brewing equipment available.

Here is a quick list of the most popular coffee brewing methods & equipment starting from the most popular:

Drip Grind Coffee Makers

Drip Grind coffee makers are the most common and usual coffee brewing method that we are familiar with.

With this method, hot water is dripped over and passes through the coffee grinds and a filter and is caught by the coffee pot below. Despite being the most common brew method it also happens to be the one which produces a coffee brew with the least amount of flavor and aroma. It is just a convenient method, not the best.

There are generally 2 filter options for the drip grind coffee makers:

Permanent filters: are just what they say, permanent. They are usually gold-plated so they don’t add any unwanted metallic taste to your coffee, resistant to corrosion so they are dishwasher safe and economical because they don‘t need replacing. Permanent filters are preferred because they allow for better coffee taste as opposed to the second filter option, paper filters.

Paper filters are the most common filter choice for the drip grind coffee makers. Unfortunately, paper filters can filter out more than just coffee grinds. Flavorful oils can be left behind in the filter and not make it to the finished coffee brew resulting in less coffee flavor and aroma. Since permanent filters allow for more liquid to pass through, the end result is a more flavorful cup.


A coffee percolator is a type of pot used for the brewing of coffee continually cycling the boiling or nearly boiling brew through the grounds using gravity until the required strength is reached.

Coffee percolators once enjoyed great popularity during the 1970s but along came drip coffee makers and they became the popular method.

Percolators often expose the grounds to higher temperatures than other brewing methods, and may recirculate already brewed coffee through the beans.

 As a result, coffee brewed with a percolator is particularly susceptible to over-extraction. However, percolator enthusiasts maintain that the potential pitfalls of this brewing method can be eliminated by careful control of the brewing process.

Vacuum Brewer or Siphon Coffee Maker

Vacuum brewers aren’t very common, but they make coffee just about as well as a French press since the coffee and water are brewing together. A vacuum brewer has an upper and a lower chamber connected by a tube with a small filter inside.

Coffee grounds are placed in the upper chamber, and water is placed in the lower chamber. As the lower chamber is heated, the water rises up to meet the coffee in the upper chamber where the brewing begins.

After brewing, the water (now coffee) cools and seeps back down into the lower chamber leaving the used coffee grinds behind in the upper chamber.

Ideally, the upper chamber is removed and the lower chamber is used as a decanter for the finished coffee. Vacuum brewers can be electric, stovetop, or even used over a sterno can for dramatic tabletop brewing!

Moka Pot Coffee Maker for Stovetop

The Moka Pot is a simple and cost-effective alternative to a full-blown home espresso machine. It produces a thick, rich and flavorful brew that goes great with creamers, flavoured syrups or frothy steamed milk. The Moka pot is also a favorite coffee maker of campers who enjoy brewing on a camping stove or over the fire. This type of coffee maker brews quickly and produces an espresso-like kind of coffee.

The Toddy Maker or Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The toddy maker or Cold-Brew Coffee Maker uses an unusual cold-brewing method that creates a coffee concentrate. This concentrate is then mixed with hot water to make coffee. The concentrate can be stored in a refrigerator and used to make one cup at a time if you so desire.

This method produces a low-acid coffee, which is doctor recommended for coffee drinkers with stomach conditions. Although this method of coffee brewing is sounds a bit odd, the result in taste is pleasantly surprising.

One drawback is the amount of time it takes to brew. A good idea is to brew the coffee overnight. Once brewed, the concentrate can produce more than just one pot of coffee, so it’s not a nightly event for a great cup of morning coffee!

French Press Coffee Maker

For millions of people a cup of coffee in the morning is the spark plug to get them started and able to face the battles they may encounter during the day.

There are several different types of coffee one can choose from in order to suit their specific tastes. In addition, there are numerous different ways to prepare your coffee as well.

 You can either go to your local coffee shop or you can make your own cup of coffee at home. Most individuals brew their coffee with just an ordinary electronic coffee maker.

However, there are better ways to make a good cup of coffee without spending big dollars on an extravagant cappuccino maker or something else equally expensive that are difficult to master and keep in good working condition.

These expensive machines become outdated requiring you to purchase a new one every couple of years.

The French press was invented over a hundred years ago. It has received a few improvements over the years but remains relatively the same today.

One of the best ways to prepare coffee is by using the French press coffee maker. A French press coffee maker is perfectly named for what it does.

The basic operation of how it functions goes like this: You add your coffee grinds into the pot and then you add the boiling water.

 You then you are ready to begin applying the pressure on the plunging type tool which presses down on the coffee, filtering out the grinds with the screen on the plunging tool and brewing up a tasty cup of wonderful coffee.

It really is that easy. You might be wondering what the benefit of a French press coffee maker, so let me tell you. French press coffee makers produce a stronger cup of coffee then would your traditional electric coffee maker.

This is great for those who like their coffee full of that robust coffee flavor. It is recommended that you drink your cup of coffee right away, while it is still piping hot, to get the best results.

Coffee to most people is as routine as brushing your teeth in the morning. When using a French press coffee maker, you save quite a bit of time because it does not require the time it takes an electric coffee maker to brew a fresh pot.

Because it does not require electricity, you can take it with you anywhere you go and prepare a fresh cup of coffee wherever you are. Even when you are camping in the wilderness you can have a rich and robust cup of coffee freshly pressed.

As you can see, the most common brew method happens to be the one which produces the least amount of coffee flavor and aroma.

 If you are one of these people, don‘t just splurge on gourmet coffee, get a small French press maker, start experimenting and experience the truest coffee flavor & aroma in each cup.

Espresso Machine

Choosing espresso over a regular cup of coffee can make a difference in your energy levels. Because it is stronger, it will give you that caffeine kick faster

The espresso machine works by using boiling water and steam to create a high-pressure chamber while brewing your espresso.

Once you have your grinds and a full tank of water, you must place the grinds in the head of the machine and lightly pack them down.

After you get everything set up, you just put your coffee cup under the spout and press the button, your espresso will brew quickly. This process does not take long, but it does depend on how many shots you are making.

Since espresso is stronger than regular coffee, most people find that they only need around 2-3 shots in order to feel the effects.

Types Of Coffee Grinders And How They Work

When walking down the coffee aisle of most grocery stores, you will find a coffee grinder that customers use to grind coffee beans. A coffee grinder has also become a popular home appliance as the popularity of espresso and other coffee drinks has risen in the last two decades.

Even the large number of coffee shops has not diminished the need of many coffee drinkers to grind their own beans in a coffee grinder. A coffee grinder will grind roasted coffee beans into grounds that are either fine or coarse.

By grinding your own coffee, you choose how you want the grounds. A coffee grinder can produce fine or medium grounds which are best for traditional coffee makers.

Those who love espresso will want to grind the beans into a fine grind which is similar to sugar or salt. Coarse coffee grounds are good for percolators or vacuum brewers.

A coffee grinder comes in two main types. The first type of coffee grinder uses rotating metal blades. These blades on the coffee grinder chop up the coffee beans.

The bladed coffee grinder allows the consumer to control the type of grounds. The type of grounds the bladed coffee grinder makes depends on how long you grind the beans.

Another type of coffee grinder uses a grinder wheel. This is called a burr grinder. To get coarse or fine grounds, you move the burr on the coffee grinder. Many people say this type of coffee grinder allows you more control as to the type of grounds you make.

The cost of the burr grinder depends on the type of wheel, whether it is flat or cone-shaped. The burr coffee grinder with the cone-shaped wheel rotates slowly and the coffee grinder will clog less.

You can chose a coffee grinder that works in two different ways. The manual coffee grinder comes with a crank on its side. You must move the crank on the coffee grinder to grind your coffee.

But if you don’t want to do that much work to have freshly ground coffee, you will want to purchase an electric coffee grinder. The electric coffee grinder is the most popular coffee grinder on the market today. Many electric coffee grinders are small and inexpensive so you can carry them anywhere to grind your perfect cup of coffee.

The advantages to grinding your own coffee with a coffee grinder are many. You can grind coffee that suits your taste and not rely on pre-packaged coffee grounds.

A coffee grinder can be found in most retail stores and online auction sites. A coffee grinder will range in price from about $20 to several hundred dollars. The coffee beans can be purchased at a grocery store or at a specialty coffee shop.

How you want your coffee to taste and the type of coffee you brew will determine the type of coffee grinder you will need to purchase. The type of brewer you use to make your coffee will also determine the type of coffee grinder.

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