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I’ve been asked, do I Allow Guest Posts?

We generally only allow guest posts if they are from fellow bloggers whom we know and trust. If you have a guest post idea, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to give it a read and see if it adds information to the page.

From now onwards we shall periodically be featuring guest’s posts from other coffee lovers who wish to share their own stories.


  • 1000 words unique article minimum.
  • Contact us with blog title for approval
  • Links are encouraged if appropriate
  • Use blog format – keep paragraphs short
  • Headers and bullet points are allowed
  • No spinning or plagiarizing- Your submitted article must pass Copyscape
  • Only 1 signature per article is allowed
  • We Don’t want – also grammatically and technically weak articles that are full of jargon, filler words, acronyms etc
  • Poorly researched material with no focus, have a plan and follow it, tell your story with a little flare and enthusiasm
  • You cannot publish the article anywhere else, giving us the exclusive right to edit the article as we find it suitable, but in such a way as to not change the actual intregity of the article.

Contact: martinmacksblogs[at]

or Via our contact form:

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**We do not entertain agencies

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